Thursday, 7 February 2008

American Nazi friend of Griffin and Co jailed

Shuan Walker, the leader of the National Alliance, the American neo-nazi outfit with whom Nick Griffin, Arthur Kemp and Simon Darby are so friendly with was jailed in August 2007 for attacks on ‘Mexican and Native Americans’.

The picture above was taken at the BNP RWB festival in 2003 and shows Julie Russell posing with Griffin’s special guest Shaun Walker for an official photo.

Julie Russell was the BNP’s International Liaison Officer (note the sign in the background) and has also appeared on this blog with Griffin in pictures with former KKK man David Duke and Belgian anti-semite Emmanuel Brun d’Aubignosc.

Arthur Kemp and the American Nazis

Arthur Kemp is another Griffin man with strong ties to the neo-Nazi National Alliance in America as the following broadcast on American Dissident Voices Broadcast in November 26, 2005 clearly shows.

“Hello and welcome to American Dissident Voices, the weekly voice of the National Alliance. I'm Shaun Walker. We have just finished mailing off the newest issue of ADV. The cover story for this issue is: "White South Africa: What went wrong?" by the well known author, Arthur Kemp. This article explains exactly how South Africa collapsed because of the use of non-White labour.”

The broadcast then goes on to speak exclusively about Holocaust denier David Irving – the same one who spoke at Oxford Uni with Griffin - and his arrest in Austria. The programme was titled “David Irving's Arrest: Freedom or Jewish Supremacy by Shaun Walker.” (

Having already written material for their publications in 2005, Kemp was billed to speak at a Holocaust denial conference organised by the National Alliance in May 2007, but appears to have pulled out at the last minute.

“Our Holocaust Revisionist conference will feature several prominent speakers who are connected in one way or another to the revisionist cause. As described on the National Alliance's main page ( and news site (, speakers we have already booked include:

Arthur Butz, author of Hoax of the 20th Century

Ingrid Rimland-Zundel, wife of imprisoned activist Ernst Zundel and author of Lebensraum

Arthur Kemp, author of March of the Titans and the world's leading historian on European Civilization

Joseph McGinnis, well-known attorney who has defended countless Americans who have been falsely branded as "war criminals" by the Justice Department's OSI (Office for Special Investigation)

Lady Michele Renouf, renowned activist who attended the Holocaust Conference in Iran

Mark Franklin, world's leading producer of Holocaust revisionist documentaries and an authority on Zionism

Paul Fromm, former Canadian schoolteacher and renowned speaker of Free Speech issues

and others, to be announced.”

The quote above comes from “Taking a Second Look at the Holocaust by Erich Gliebe” another of the American Dissident Voices Broadcasts this time aired on January 13, 2007 (

Nick Griffin, Simon Darby and the Holocaust denying Nazis in America

In May 2005 Griffin and Darby were guest speakers at the International European American Conference in New Orleans, which sounds harmless enough until you take a look at the host and other guest speakers were.

The host was former Ku Klux Klansman and notorious anti-semite – he is the author of ‘Jewish Supremacism’ - David Duke, pictured above third from left, next to Griffin and paedophile Kevin Alfred Strom (far left).

Strom was a leader of the neo-nazi National Alliance and then leader of one of its splinter groups National Vanguard, which was disbanded shortly after his arrest.

Another speaker was Don Black, who runs the neo-nazi ‘Stormfrontinternet forum. He is also a former KKK Grand Wizard like Duke.

Dr Edward Fields, editor of neo-nazi newspaper ‘The Truth at Last’ also on the guest speaker list.

Willis Carto, former founder of the Institute for Historical Review and now editor of The Barnes Review, both of which promote the view that the Holocaust did not happen.

Paul Fromm, is the Canadian neo-Nazi leader of CAFÉ, who organise rallies in support of Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel and is a contributing editor to the Barnes Review.

Michael Collins Piper, an American conspiracy theorist and anti-semite who writes for the conspiracy-oriented, anti-Semitic publication American Free Press.

Lady Michele Renouf, London based Australian-born anti-Semite and Holocaust denier. She is a regular campaigner for author David Irving, whom Griffin shared a platform with at Oxford University late in 2007.

Pedro Varela, owner of a bookstore in Barcelona, Spain, that specialises in books on Nazism and Holocaust denial.

Nick Griffin and his American paedophile friend

The picture above shows Griifin holding hands with Kevin Alfred Strom (left) in 2005 having shared a stage with him at an event in America hosted by former KKK man David Duke.

Strom was a leader of the American Neo-Nazi outfit the National Alliance, but has since plead guilty to possession of child pornography in Charlottesville U.S. District Court in January 2008. Strom has been in prison since being arrested in January 2007 and will be sentenced in April this year.

Strom (below) along with National Alliance leader Dr William Pierce – author of the Turner Diaries which is described by some as a neo-nazi terrorists handbook and is claimed to have inspired Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh - have been friends with Griffin for many years.

Martin Roberts promotes American Nazi terrorists

BNP Enquiries Secretary, Martin Roberts doesn’t just sell neo-nazi badges through his company Calder Designs, he also sells things like mugs and T-shirts.

The pictures below show Roberts’ attempt to sell merchandise bearing the American Nazi terrorist slogan, ‘14 Words’.

‘14 Words’ stands for “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children” which was penned by David Lane. Lane was a member of the neo-Nazi gang, The Order’ who robbed banks, detonated bombs and murdered Jewish talk show host Alan Berg in 1984 in an attempt to start a race war in America. Lane died in prison last year having been sentenced to serve 190 years consecutive for his crimes.

Members should rightly be concerned that Roberts is permitted to be a national BNP official while selling neo-Nazi products, not WWII memorabilia it must be said, but they should also be concerned that he seems to be selling unofficial BNP t-shirts and badges too.

The unofficial t-shirts can be seen next to the 14 Words t-shirt in the picture below. If the BNP has an official merchandise wing in Excalibur, how come Calder Designs has products never advertised or sold by Excalibur?

Martin Roberts sells Nazi merchandise

As well as being the BNP’s Enquiries Secretary, Martin Roberts, makes a living selling badges and other merchandise through his company Calder Designs.

His range includes BNP badges even the BNP doesn’t stock but even more worryingly for BNP members is the fact that he also sells badges promoting the neo-nazi outfits Combat18 and Blood & Honour.

Word has it that both Nick Griffin and his Treasurer John Walker know all about this sideline operation, but are turning a blind eye because of the free work Roberts does on the enquires e-mail and telephone.

Arthur Kemp’s Excalibur operation is now allegedly sourcing items from Roberts’ Calder Designs.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Nick Griffin' quest for Muslim money

The chameleon like changing public face of Nick Griffin is well document on this blog and elsewhere on the world wide web, but one thing doesn’t change is his pursuit of the filthy lucre.

As leader of the by then floundering National Front, he endorsed Libya's Colonel Gadaffi and Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini. Apparently he was influenced by Colonel Gaddaffi's ideas on people's committees!

Griffin and a colleague visited Tripoli in 1988 at Colonel Gadaffi expense in an attempt to secure funding from the Muslim Colonel’s regime. The picture above shows Griffin (above left) below a huge picture of Gadaffi during the visit.

The attempt failed though as it became clear Gadaffi was only looking for a UK distributor for his ‘Green Book’.

Mark Collett and David Hannam's final warning letters

Below is the final warning letter issued to Collett and Hannam in December 2006 after they admitted their guilt at a BNP disciplinary tribunal, following the disgusting incident at the November 2006 BNP Annunal Conference, when the pair brought underage girls back to the conference hotel and allegedly demand that they have sex with them or f**k off!

Nick Griffin's 'The Rune' magazine exposed

Above is the front cover of The Rune, issue 10, published in 1995. Nick Griffin's obsession with Searchlight's Gerry Gable and his love affair with all things Nazi and Fascist is evident from the start.

Further posts from inside this Griffin rag will follow...

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Mark Collett falls foul of copyright law

Mark Collett has fallen foul of copyright law by ripping off the Greater London Assembly newspaper and logo on literature he designed for the recent leaflet campaign. Solicitor's acting on behalf of the GLA have sent the BNP a letter demanding they withdraw the leaflet or face costly legal action.

The following press release from the GLA can be found here.

Press Release

British National Party told to stop publishing 'The Londoner' leaflets or face possible legal action
1-2-2008 070

The Mayor Ken Livingstone has told the British National Party it could face legal action if it continues to publish leaflets called ‘The Londoner’.

The British National Party is distributing a leaflet across London, misleadingly titled ‘The Londoner’. The front cover features the headline ‘The changing face of London’ with a photograph of Asian women and the words ‘Is this what you really want?’

The Mayor publishes a monthly newspaper called ‘The Londoner’ which is distributed to homes throughout London. The Greater London Authority has been the registered owner of ‘The Londoner’ trademark since 2002 and the British National Party has blatantly disregarded the rights of the GLA.

A legal letter to the British National Party states: “The GLA believes that you are intentionally trading on the goodwill of the GLA in the trademark of ‘The Londoner’ by using a trademark which is confusingly similar to ‘The Londoner’ and that the use of the trademark, does, or is intended to, confuse or mislead members of the public.”

The letter demands that the British National Party cease and desist from using the trademark and remove from circulation any publication using ‘The Londoner’.

The Mayor Ken Livingstone said: “The Londoner has been published for eight years and is a well-known newspaper across the capital. It is a disgrace that the BNP has deliberately chosen to trade on our good name by calling its outrageous propaganda The Londoner. Londoners should be clear that there is absolutely no link between the newspaper they receive each month and this offensive BNP leaflet.”

Collett's leaflet is reproduced below.