Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Blackpool breach of code of conduct

Mark Collett (right) is the Head of Publicity for the BNP. In this picture he demonstrates the type of negative publicity that is his trademark. To his left is David Hannam the incompetent Regional Treasurer and/or Deputy Treasurer of the BNP.

This picture was taken by a fascist left-wing rabble outside the BNP Conference in Blackpool on the weekend of 23/24 November 2007.

The Conference delegates pack given to everybody there - we understand that Collett put the pack together though he wrote nothing but the page on corporate image which is quite ironic given the damage he constantly does to the party image. He didn't proof read the pages, not even the page titles. Page 6 is "The Diffusion of Inovations - Jackie Griffin".

On page 4 there is a security briefing with the paragraph "Leftists extremists are planning to hold a demonstration against us this year on the grass area at the front of the hotel. This gathering will be monitored by police and therefore is to be totally disregarded by all delegates. These protestors want an audience, so ignoring them will be the best way of harming them."

We know Collett and Hannam can actually read, so why did they ignore this instruction?

This post was originally taken from the Enough is Enough blogspot.