Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Bugging, raids and thieving

Sunday 9th of December 2007.

Cllr Sadie Graham's home has been bugged and is now entered by deception by Martin Reynolds, his wife and three other BNP security goons from Birmingham, while she is in Essex with her boyfriend Matt Single and her personal property stolen. Then data allegedly from her personal computer is posted on the BNP web site with a story saying she and Kenny Smith have been expelled for setting up a blog site.

At the same time Kenny Smith and his heavily pregnant wife get a visit by Clive Jefferson and 2 other BNP security goons from Cumbria who threatened to force entry. The carry letters sacking them from their posts but not expelling them from the party. They find they have been expelled via the party web site.

The darkest day in the history of the BNP! Two of the hardest working officials the BNP has ever had are attacked along with anybody who defends them as a Nazi-style purge is launched by Griffin against anybody who has spoken out internally against the widely detested Mark Collett, the incompetent David Hannam or any of the other management failings within the BNP that Griffin has refused recognise or allow his staff to rectify.

The story is best told from the words of the sacked and expelled themselves, so visit Enough is Enough yourself for now. I will copy and paste some of the key postings from that site here just in case it disappears as some of the earlier posts there did when they were attacked by the BNP's newly commissioned gestapo style 'Intelligence Department' in due course.