Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Faceparty embarrassment

Left to Right: David Hannam, Martin Reynolds and Mark Collett.

All three joined Faceparty looking for sexual partners, yet Hannam was engaged to be married (he has since got married) and Reynolds was married at the time.

There pages have long since been pulled but Reynolds was after a Dawn French/Lisa Tarbuck lookalike! He also wrote "In My Own Words... my ideal women would be size 16 and above, with a great sense of humour and a sex drive to match mine.she must be straight talking and down to earth, not prudeish or stuck up. be able to take command in the bedroom."

Note the username chosen my Mark Collett; Mark 318
3=C, 1=A, 8=H... 'Combat Adolf Hitler' or 'C18' or 'Combat 18' is the name of a neo-nazi terrorist outfit here in Britain!