Wednesday, 2 January 2008

David Hannam rogers the Statement of Accounts

"Hannam’s latest literary masterpiece is an embarrassment to the BNP. Visit the
Electoral Commission website or download his Regional Accounting Unit Statement
of Accounts for 2006 through this link to the EC site.

Page one starts with the “overall orgaisational growth” [which he repeats again
on page 8 just in case we doubted his stupidity!] then tells us about “the
necessary necessity to improve”, “branches who did not sumit their records”, and
“the groups and branches develop more sophisticated and fine tuning methods”.

It goes on… “a cardon-copy submission”, “Wocestershire”, “A uinit is accorded
branch status”, “Contacts are one-person Units, ineligible for financial as they..”.
“They are given permission to be the Part’s contact”, “local press spokeman”, “a
surplus of income over of expenditure of £17,399”. “This has resulted in an add
back to reserves of £4,987”, “Scottish Neritage”.

He also lists branches as active in 2006 when the BNP website regional voices
section only announced some of them as having started in 2007.

There are lots of other grammar and punctuation errors that would shame a 14-year
old, but our favourite is the existence of “Roger” as a contact unit.

Anybody got a map?"

This post was originally on the EiEN blogspot before it was attacked by the BNP’s newly set up ‘Intelligence Department’ headed by South African Lance Stewart (pictured above left with the Rhodesian Arthur Kemp) who only joined the BNP in November 2007 after his department was set up.