Monday, 7 January 2008

Nick Griffin says he's not a British Nationalist

"Bluntly, I am not at all sure I belong in the British National Party.
"As you will have probably gathered from my Rune articles, my opinion of party political organisations with their primary focus on parliamentary elections is very similar to that espoused by Colin Jordan... I believe that the BNP continues to put far too many of its eggs in the basket of mythical parliamentary democracy... I cannot see why we should waste so much time appealing to dupes and morons [the British electorate] when there is so much to be done recruiting, educating and equipping our power-winning machine.
"Further, I am not a British Nationalist. I am first and foremost a White Racialist, and second a Welsh Nationalist..."

Nick Griffin in letter to then BNP Chairman John Tyndall (November 14th 1994)

Colin Jordan is a notorious neo-Nazi from Yorkshire. The picture below shows him dressed up in his National Socialist Movement uniform.