Monday, 7 January 2008

Nick Griffin, the KKK man and the Belgian!

(Left to Right) Brun d'Aubignosc, Duke, Russell, N.Griffin, J.Griffin.

This is a picture of Nick Griffin and his wife Jackie with former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard and notorious anti-Semite David Duke in Germany in 2002.

Below is a picture of David Duke in his KKK outfit in London.

The man on the left is Emmanuel Brun d'Aubignosc the new Brussels, Belgium based supremo of the BNP website. Brun d'Aubignosc is another allegedly notorious anti-Semite and blames 'the Jooos' for everything. He also runs the UK Altermedia website that now has a direct link from the BNP website - see below.

Brun d'Aubignosc sent out the following e-mail on Griffin's orders using the title BNP Webmaster. So much for the Britain First stance in Griffin's BNP!

-----Original Message-----
From: bnp_internal []
Sent: 13 December 2007 (deleted)
To: (deleted)
Subject: BNP Webmaster Message

(Mailing List Information, including unsubscription instructions,
is located at the end of this message.)


Because of changes within the BNP Internet team, we kindly ask you to change your password for this email account.

In order to change your password you have to go to , enter the current user name and password. You may get an error message saying that you certificate is no valid. Please ignore this message and continue. Then you'll access a controle panel. Click on the top round button, where is says login. Then a menu will appear where you can chose another password.

Since several key members web team have left, we seized the opportunity to revamp the web sites. All suggestions for further improvements are welcome.

BNP Webmaster
Emmanuel d'Aubignosc

E-mail ends

Notice the Griffin spin "since several key members of the web team left". Steve Blake was sacked and others resigned in protest! Non-member Brun d'Aubignosc, Arthur Kemp and Simon Darby seized the BNP website while Steve Blake was on holiday for the weekend. AS&G's suggestion... quit and give the webmaster job back to British born Steve Blake!