Thursday, 7 February 2008

Arthur Kemp and the American Nazis

Arthur Kemp is another Griffin man with strong ties to the neo-Nazi National Alliance in America as the following broadcast on American Dissident Voices Broadcast in November 26, 2005 clearly shows.

“Hello and welcome to American Dissident Voices, the weekly voice of the National Alliance. I'm Shaun Walker. We have just finished mailing off the newest issue of ADV. The cover story for this issue is: "White South Africa: What went wrong?" by the well known author, Arthur Kemp. This article explains exactly how South Africa collapsed because of the use of non-White labour.”

The broadcast then goes on to speak exclusively about Holocaust denier David Irving – the same one who spoke at Oxford Uni with Griffin - and his arrest in Austria. The programme was titled “David Irving's Arrest: Freedom or Jewish Supremacy by Shaun Walker.” (

Having already written material for their publications in 2005, Kemp was billed to speak at a Holocaust denial conference organised by the National Alliance in May 2007, but appears to have pulled out at the last minute.

“Our Holocaust Revisionist conference will feature several prominent speakers who are connected in one way or another to the revisionist cause. As described on the National Alliance's main page ( and news site (, speakers we have already booked include:

Arthur Butz, author of Hoax of the 20th Century

Ingrid Rimland-Zundel, wife of imprisoned activist Ernst Zundel and author of Lebensraum

Arthur Kemp, author of March of the Titans and the world's leading historian on European Civilization

Joseph McGinnis, well-known attorney who has defended countless Americans who have been falsely branded as "war criminals" by the Justice Department's OSI (Office for Special Investigation)

Lady Michele Renouf, renowned activist who attended the Holocaust Conference in Iran

Mark Franklin, world's leading producer of Holocaust revisionist documentaries and an authority on Zionism

Paul Fromm, former Canadian schoolteacher and renowned speaker of Free Speech issues

and others, to be announced.”

The quote above comes from “Taking a Second Look at the Holocaust by Erich Gliebe” another of the American Dissident Voices Broadcasts this time aired on January 13, 2007 (