Saturday, 2 February 2008

Mark Collett falls foul of copyright law

Mark Collett has fallen foul of copyright law by ripping off the Greater London Assembly newspaper and logo on literature he designed for the recent leaflet campaign. Solicitor's acting on behalf of the GLA have sent the BNP a letter demanding they withdraw the leaflet or face costly legal action.

The following press release from the GLA can be found here.

Press Release

British National Party told to stop publishing 'The Londoner' leaflets or face possible legal action
1-2-2008 070

The Mayor Ken Livingstone has told the British National Party it could face legal action if it continues to publish leaflets called ‘The Londoner’.

The British National Party is distributing a leaflet across London, misleadingly titled ‘The Londoner’. The front cover features the headline ‘The changing face of London’ with a photograph of Asian women and the words ‘Is this what you really want?’

The Mayor publishes a monthly newspaper called ‘The Londoner’ which is distributed to homes throughout London. The Greater London Authority has been the registered owner of ‘The Londoner’ trademark since 2002 and the British National Party has blatantly disregarded the rights of the GLA.

A legal letter to the British National Party states: “The GLA believes that you are intentionally trading on the goodwill of the GLA in the trademark of ‘The Londoner’ by using a trademark which is confusingly similar to ‘The Londoner’ and that the use of the trademark, does, or is intended to, confuse or mislead members of the public.”

The letter demands that the British National Party cease and desist from using the trademark and remove from circulation any publication using ‘The Londoner’.

The Mayor Ken Livingstone said: “The Londoner has been published for eight years and is a well-known newspaper across the capital. It is a disgrace that the BNP has deliberately chosen to trade on our good name by calling its outrageous propaganda The Londoner. Londoners should be clear that there is absolutely no link between the newspaper they receive each month and this offensive BNP leaflet.”

Collett's leaflet is reproduced below.