Thursday, 7 February 2008

Nick Griffin, Simon Darby and the Holocaust denying Nazis in America

In May 2005 Griffin and Darby were guest speakers at the International European American Conference in New Orleans, which sounds harmless enough until you take a look at the host and other guest speakers were.

The host was former Ku Klux Klansman and notorious anti-semite – he is the author of ‘Jewish Supremacism’ - David Duke, pictured above third from left, next to Griffin and paedophile Kevin Alfred Strom (far left).

Strom was a leader of the neo-nazi National Alliance and then leader of one of its splinter groups National Vanguard, which was disbanded shortly after his arrest.

Another speaker was Don Black, who runs the neo-nazi ‘Stormfrontinternet forum. He is also a former KKK Grand Wizard like Duke.

Dr Edward Fields, editor of neo-nazi newspaper ‘The Truth at Last’ also on the guest speaker list.

Willis Carto, former founder of the Institute for Historical Review and now editor of The Barnes Review, both of which promote the view that the Holocaust did not happen.

Paul Fromm, is the Canadian neo-Nazi leader of CAFÉ, who organise rallies in support of Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel and is a contributing editor to the Barnes Review.

Michael Collins Piper, an American conspiracy theorist and anti-semite who writes for the conspiracy-oriented, anti-Semitic publication American Free Press.

Lady Michele Renouf, London based Australian-born anti-Semite and Holocaust denier. She is a regular campaigner for author David Irving, whom Griffin shared a platform with at Oxford University late in 2007.

Pedro Varela, owner of a bookstore in Barcelona, Spain, that specialises in books on Nazism and Holocaust denial.